Here’s our goal at Village Bible Church:

Every person.  Every age.  Every day.  Delighting in God and His Word.

We believe:

  1. In the supreme authority of the Word of God, the Bible.
  2. In God-ordained marriage between a man and a woman, as beautifully portrayed throughout the Word of God.
  3. That God created the world.
  4. That man can be saved from the penalty of his sin by God’s grace through faith and that it is not through good works, but a gift from God.
  5. That Jesus Christ is God.
  6. That all of us as believers have been called upon to pray for and support our Christian brothers and sisters being persecuted around the world.
  7. In the miracle and sanctity of human life.
  8. In the Sovereignty of God in all things.
  9. In the depravity of man.
  10. In the commission given to all Christians to die to self in order to take the Gospel (Good News) message to the world.

You can click below to view or download these short printable statements of what we believe:


Village Bible Doctrinal Statement

Village Bible “What we Believe about the Bible”