At Village Bible we are excited about Small Groups!  We know that most of you need and want to have lasting friendships with other people who share your faith, and Small Groups are a great place to find those friends.    We hope you’ll find a Small Group at Village Bible which meets your schedule and your needs.  Try several—we want you to find the perfect fit!

Sunday small groups meet at 6 p.m.

Adult small group at the Owen’s home. This groups is led by Bob Stull and taught by Ralph Bork.

Adult small group at the “Coffee Bar”.

Youth group meets in the auditorium for games and snacks and then breaks up into age groups for Bible study. The group is led by David and Andrea Dalton.


10 a.m. Ladies prayer group meets at the church in the “Coffee Bar”.

6 p.m. adult small group meets at Amy Lasko’s house.

6 p.m. adult small group meeting at the Staley’s house and is led by Jesse Martin.


Basics of Christianity small group. This adult groups meets at Chris and Jana Williams house from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. [Beginning February]

Teachers prep group. This group is for any of our VBC teachers who would like to spend time together with other brothers and sisters who are teaching the next day. This time is used for lesson prep and seeking feedback from other teachers.  [Beginning February]


If you are interested in joining a small group please contact Chris Williams at chriswilliamsvbc@gmail.com