Dalton, Ken You will see all of Pastor Ken’s Acts Sermons here, starting with the most recent.

This series began October 21st, 2012, and ended on November 24, 2013

Acts 28  “The Power of Encouragement”, Pastor Ken’s sermon, Nov. 24, 2013

Acts 28:1-10  “Paul Focused on Seeing and Showing God at Work”, Pastor Ken’s sermon, Nov. 17, 2013

Acts 27, “Equipped So That No Crisis Will Go To Waste”.  Pastor Ken’s sermon Nov. 10, 2013

Acts 25&26, “So, Why Are We Not Persecuted?” Pastor Ken’s Sermon Nov. 3, 2013

Acts 24  “The Message, Clear and Simple”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon October 27, 2013

Acts 23:11-35,  “Trusting God is Our Greatest Ministry”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon October 20, 2013

Acts 22:9 – 23:13  “More Good News”  Pastor Ken’s sermon October 6, 2013

Acts 21:27-22:10  “Hearing…of the Mind, Emotions and Heart”  Pastor Ken’s sermon Sept. 29, 2013

Acts 21:26-36  “A Conformed Mind or a Renewed Mind”  Pastor Ken’s sermon Sept. 22, 2013

Acts 21:1-25  “It’s Not About Paul”  Pastor Ken’s sermon Sept. 8, 2013

Acts 20:17-38  “Feed My Sheep”  Pastor Ken’s sermon Sept. 1, 2013

Acts 20:1-27  “How Will We Survive?”  Pastor Ken’s sermon August 25, 2013

Acts 19:21 – 20:1  “Two Very Different Purposes in Life”  Pastor Ken’s sermon August 18, 2013

Acts 19:1-20  “And it Happened….Now God Worked”   Pastor Ken’s Sermon August 4, 2013

Acts 18:18-28  “Great Partners”  Pastor Ken’s sermon July 28, 2013

Acts 18:1-17  “There Seems to be a Pattern”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon July 21, 2013

Acts 16:5-34  “A Changed Man and a Beautiful Bride”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, July 14, 2013

Acts 17:16-34  “Idol Factories”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, July 7, 2013

Acts 17: 1-15, “Our Best Advice”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, June 30, 2013

Acts 15:36 – 16:10  “Not Some Neat Little Formula”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, June 23, 2013

Acts 15:1-35  “More Than Devotion”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, June 16, 2013

Acts 14  “The Rewards of Staying Focused”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, June 9th, 2013

Acts 13:13-52, “Tell the Story, Not the Talking Points”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, May 19, 2013

Acts 13:1-13 “Teaching Our Children the Value of Doing Hard Things”

Acts 12:20-25  “But What’s the Very Best Thing Happening?”

Acts 12:1-19  “So Why Keep on Praying?”

Acts 11  “Not supposed to Happen this Way”

Acts 9:31-10:48  “Peter learns to think out-side the box”

Acts 9:19-30 “This is easy…this is very hard….this is impossible!”

Acts 9:1-25 “The Power of Tradition”

Acts 8:1-25  “Using God”   

Acts 7:54 – 8:4 “Forgiveness Does Not Mean… “It’s no big Deal”

Act 6:8 – 7:53  “Sacred Cows”

Acts 6:1-7   “The Blessing of Inability”

Acts 5:12-42  “The Inadequacy of Proof”

Acts 5:1-11, “Seeing The Hand of God In The Event”

Acts 4:32-37, “Radical Clarity of Purpose”

Acts 4:1-31, “Praying For Boldness”

Acts 3:1-12, “Not Just A Band-Aid”, Pastor Ken’s Sermon, December 9, 2012

Acts 2:41-47  “Wow….What’s Going On”

Acts 2:14-41 “Witnessing With Clarity”

Acts 1:15–2:4 “Do The Next Right Thing”

Acts 1:1-14 “The Work of Waiting”

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