Tuesday Women’s Bible Study Starts 2nd Timothy March 6th.

The Tuesday Women’s Bible Study at Village is getting started on our newest Book of the Bible:  2nd Timothy.  “I Have Leaped Over a Wall!!”  It will be a 6-week study.

Our memory verse for this study is Psalm 18:29  “…By my God I have leaped over a wall.”  (KJV)  It’s actually the second part of that verse.  The first part says:  “For by You I can run against a troop…”

Both parts of Psalm 18:29 give me such a visual picture.  I see an aging man or woman, or perhaps a student in High School, or an abused wife or child, facing an enemy they could never defeat, or a wall they could not in their wildest dreams climb.  It’s impossible.  And yet, somehow, by the miraculous strength of God, they not only climb, but “leap!” over that wall.

When Paul writes this letter to 2nd Timothy, Paul’s time on earth is nearly over and he knows it.  He has “fought the good fight”, “finished the race”, and “kept the faith”.  He was given a job to do by His Savior, Jesus, and somehow, by the miraculous strength of God, he has done it!  He has “leaped!” over the wall!

He is passing this incredible job of spreading the Gospel and planting and nourishing churches, to Timothy.  He wants Timothy to know that not in his own strength, but “By my God I can leap over a wall.”

We will start this study tomorrow, March 6th, from 1-2pm.   As usual, we will be meeting in the coffee bar at church, just inside the front doors.  Looking forward to seeing all of our regulars…and if you have been thinking of jumping into this Bible Study, now would be a great time!!!

Kathleen Dalton
“…by my God I have leaped over a wall!”   Psalm 18:29