ACTS Small Group: Dan Evans, Good News Ministries, will Speak Sunday Night, July 9, 6pm in the Coffee Bar

Good News MinistriesDan Evans, Director of Good News Ministries in downtown Indianapolis, will be our featured speaker Sunday night, July 9th, at 6pm in the coffee bar.

We are hoping this will really open our eyes to the needs of this ministry.  What may impact you is how you can use the skills you already have (computers, perhaps?) and your connections to contribute.  Good News Ministries has a ministries approach of “work being a gift from God.”  We think most Christians would like to plug in, but they don’t feel qualified to teach or to lead. BUT…if they knew they could use their work knowledge and skills to help contribute, then maybe that would give them a connection and a willingness to contribute.

Refurbishing houses, giving of food, giving of items for the thrift store, financial contributions, volunteer with the youth, etc. – all areas of ministry where we can help.

Questions?  Contact Jeff Sievertson, who is heading up this benevolence-oriented Small Group – Sunday nights at 6 in the coffee bar.