Matthew, “The Centrality of the Gospel 2”, Guest Teacher Kimber Kauffman, August 14, 2016

Matthew, “The Centrality of the Gospel”, Guest Teacher Kimber Kauffman, August 14, 2016

pdf version of the following Matthew Outline

The Gospel According to Matthew  (Outline)
Chs. 1-4         Introduction: genealogy, infancy (chs. 1-2);

baptism and beginnings of the ministry (chs. 3-4)

Chs. 5-7         Teaching 1: the Sermon on the Mount

Chs. 8-9          Jesus’ miracles of healing (three groups of them)

Chs. 10           Teaching 2: the mission charge

Chs. 11-12      The rejection of John and Jesus by the Jews

Chs. 13           Teaching 3: the parables of the kingdom

Chs. 14-17      Miracles, controversies with Pharisees, Peter’s

confession, and transfiguration

Ch. 18           Teaching 4: the church

Chs. 19-22      Jesus goes up to Jerusalem and teaches

Chs. 23-25      Teaching 5: judgement and the end of the world

Chs. 26-28      The last days, death and resurrection Jesus

                                                                                 Michael Green