Matthew 5:7, “Christianity Is Not Natural”, Sermon by Pastor Ken Dalton, July 3, 2016

Matthew 5:7, “Christianity Is Not Natural”, Sermon by Pastor Ken Dalton, July 3, 2016


Pastor Ken’s Notes

Matthew 5:7

Christianity Is Not Natural

 The Beatitudes Help Us See;

  1. The Authenticity of our Faith.
  2. The Health of our Spiritual Growth. 

The Beatitudes are impossible to live out “ naturally”

I Corinthians 2:14 “The natural man cannot understand these things…..” 

  1. The Gospel message is not a Sales Pitch that needs to be marketed. The opportunity of a local church is not contingent upon the ability to be entertaining, to be culturally connecting, to be professionally presented, to be well managed or to be able to meet felt needs. Its opportunity is to demonstrate the impossible with the indwelling spirit of God.  To show mercy. 
  2. The Gospel message will never be popular. And we will always be tempted to lower the standard for salvation. 
  3. Responding to the Gospel message requires a miracle work within us by God.  We all start out dead in our trespasses and sin. 
  4. Responding to the Gospel message will always accompany a changed life. 
  5. The ability to show mercy is not natural…it requires a miracle. 
  6. The more God helps us sense the magnitude of the forgiveness in our lives…. the greater the mercy we will show to others. Showing mercy is evidence that we have received mercy. 
  7. Mercy brings us to the point of offering forgiveness but forgiving is different. Jesus Christ offers forgiveness for all men…. but all men will not be forgiven. When God brings us to the point of agreeing with Him concerning our sin, and repenting of our sin and trusting in the offer of salvation…then the miracle of salvation takes place. 
  8. Our world, and particularly our own nation, are seeing the results of a cheap grace…. a man centered salvation…. a Christianity that is but religion but not a miracle. 
  9. Ask God to bring about the miracle in your life where in mercy you want to offer forgiveness to someone who has hurt you. 
  10. Ask God to perform a miracle in your life today!   Salvation.  Forgiveness.