905 learning


On February 14th, 2016, we launched our Sunday Morning 9:05 ministry which is being led by 14 gifted teachers and leaders, teaching Bible classes for children and adults.

Here are our classes:

  • Adult Class/ Meeting in Coffee Bar  

Teachers:  Dan Rector and Chad Dalton

  • Adult Class/ Meeting in Auditorium 

Teachers: Jeff Sievertson & Dr. Russ Rasmussen

  • High School Class/ Upstairs

Teachers:  Sam & Ryan Hoagland, and Eric & Hope Staley

  • Middle School Class/ Upstairs

Teachers: Vic Harper and Tim Eddy.

  • 4th and 5th grade Class/ Upstairs

Teachers: Sheri Hamm and Laura Cope

Curriculum:  The Gospel Project by LifeWay

  • Elementary Class/ Upstairs  (4 yrs old through 3rd grade)

Teacher: Amanda  Rector

Curriculum:  The Gospel Project by LifeWay.

  • Nursery (infants through 3-years-old)

Staffed by:  Crystal Musen

We love the Bible….The Word of God !   The Bible is our textbook for every class.   Come at 9:05am and be a part of this great hour of learning and friends.  Bring your family.  Invite friends.  Bring a Bible, or use one of our many available for you.  And then stay for our Worship Service at 10:00 a.m.