Good Stuff to Consider for 2016

new yearGood Stuff To Consider For 2016:

  1. Set aside a time each day to meet with the Lord.  Time to read from His Word and time to pray. Time to be still.
  2. Read through the Bible in 2016.  If you go on line you can find different reading schedules to choose from.  Try the “YouVersion” app.
  3. Learn the joy of financial giving to the Lord’s Work.  Start out small and watch how God works. He invites us to try Him in this area of our lives. You will find that financial giving is great fun for every believer.
  4. Decide to pray often for leaders in our country, our community and in our church.
  5. Pray and ask the Lord to put one person in your life in 2016 whom you could introduce to Jesus Christ.  When you pray this way, you know that you are praying according to His Will.
  6. Decide to disciple one person in 2016.
  7. Perhaps writing in a Journal this next year can help you in your spiritual growth.
  8. Baptism is an important step in our obedience to the Lord after we have become believers.  Baptism is a wonderful testimony to your family and friends. If you are not already baptized,  take that wonderful step this next year.  Soon.
  9. Join Village Bible Church, or a good Bible-teaching church in your area, and be intentional about where you can use your gifts.
  10. Try to invite a different person every month in 2016 to go to church with you.  Ask the Lord to identify that person or persons each month. Get caught up in the joy of seeing people come to faith in Christ and get excited about them becoming part of your church family.