This Sunday at Village Bible

Daniel 2This Sunday, November 22, 10am, Pastor Ken will be preaching the Second message in the new Daniel series.

Why Daniel?  Because things in the world are happening and changing incredibly  fast.  And things in our own country seem to be changing even faster.  There is so much “stuff” that all of us need to know as we face the future, and the greatest place in the world to learn how to face the future is found in God’s Word, the Bible.

Pastor Ken’s goal is to focus as much as he can on the teenagers in our church.  Our teenagers today are facing a very complicated, dangerous, often confusing but also exciting time in the world.

Daniel is about 16 years old as we begin to unpack the Book of Daniel. Throughout the book we see him walk through the same “stuff” our teenagers are facing today.  It happened 2,500 years ago, but is so similar to the choices and challenges they encounter in 2015.

castekAlso, we have two very special guests with us this Sunday:  Jimmy and Tori Castek, who are working full-time on the IU campus, introducing students to Jesus, teaching the Word of God, and discipling students.  Jimmy and Tori will be updating us on IU and also assisting Pastor Ken during the morning service – taking part in a very informative Q&A “Living the Christian Life on Today’s College, High School,and Middle School Campuses”