Small Group for Parents of School-Aged Children – Begins Thursday, August 6th

small group for parentsWe are wondering if you might enjoy being a part of our small group this fall?  This small group is geared toward parents of school age kids.
  • We will be meeting on Thursday evenings from 7-8 PM at Village Bible Church.
  • We will be going through a Fall Series for August, September, October, and November.  We will have a volunteer teach/lead a 4 week series each month.  Since October has 5 Thursdays, the last Thursday will be considered part of November and we will not meet on Thanksgiving.
  • We will not meet for our Bible Study in December, but we will plan on having a Christmas Party on Friday, December 18th.
  • We will get started next Thursday, August 6th.


###NO CHILDCARE.  This group is not providing childcare.  If you bring older children who do not need supervision, they are welcome to hang out in the kid’s classrooms or the gymnasium.

We look forward to getting together this fall to dig into God’s Truths and to support one another.  Interested?Questions?  Contact Sarah Spangler  

– Thursday Night Small Group for families of School Age Kids (We may need a shorter group name!Smile)