Two Sunday Night Options Beginning February 8th, 2015, 6pm.

You are invited to take part in one of two Small Groups taking place on Sunday nights, 6pm:

Genesis picGenesis

Teacher:  Jeff Sievertson

Location:  Coffee Bar (to your right as you enter the building)

A Bible Study in the book of Genesis, geared for:

  1. How to defend what we believe.
  2. How to be equipped with evidence for what we believe.
  3. How to be prepared to give a good answer when asked by friends, relatives, co-workers.


The Bible picThe Bible for Busy, Ordinary People

Teacher:  Pastor Ken Dalton

Location:  The Upper Room (to your left and up the stairs as you enter the building)

A Bible Study geared to give us all an understanding of:

  1. The big story of the Bible.
  2. How the Bible is organized
  3. Where to start.
  4. How all the pieces fit together.
  5. Why so much of the Bible seems so difficult to understand?