“Truth” Sermon Series Has Begun

truth collage gold rimPastor Ken has begun a 6-week Sermon Series on “Truth”.   You can listen to the first message in this series by clicking HERE.  Here’s a note from Pastor Ken about this timely Sermon Series:

“Time seems to be flying by so fast, and at the same time “ truth” is also disappearing at break-neck speed. 

 Everything seems to be about “spin”. Manipulation. Packaging.  Relativism.  Deceit.  Pragmatism.  All of these seem to be squeezing out just old-fashioned truth.  2 plus 2 always used to be 4.  But the way things are going, before long we could be told that 2 plus 2 might be 3 for some people and might be 5 for others.  “ It just depends”. I know that sounds silly. But really, is it much different than what we are hearing today ?

 When we throw away “truth” everything goes crazy.  We become dizzy. Confused.  Unsure.  Fearful.  Everyone becomes an expert.   What you personally believe is the authority and  equal to what anyone else believes. Wow ! What a mess.

I have begun a series of messages founded on one chapter in the Bible.  John Chapter 1.  We all need to be reminded of the straight-forward “truths” God has given us in John chapter 1.  But also, our neighbors, our friends, and our relatives can benefit from these “truths”.  Solid, timeless, life-changing “truths” from God.

 May I challenge you to ask God to give you the opportunity to bring someone with you on Sunday mornings?  This series will be perfect for friends and family who are not used to going to church.  This series will resonate with those who have no church background but know that something in our world is getting way out of control.

 This is not a scary, doomsday series.  John 1 is full of hope, peace, joy, purpose, and just solid “truth” which we can build a life and a family on.”   – Pastor Ken Dalton