If Only I Could Ask God a Question…

In our Tuesday Women’s Luke questions rgbstockBible Study today we voted to tackle the Gospel of Luke next, chapter-by-chapter over the next few months. This Bible Study is going to be an experiment…to see if our most pressing questions for God can be answered by taking a slow, studied look at the life of Jesus.

He is, after all, God Himself. Maybe as we see where He went….maybe as we listen to what He said….maybe as we wrestle with why He did or didn’t do what He did or didn’t do….we will get the answers to the questions we long to ask God.

You are invited to join us on our experiment.  We start next Tuesday, August 26th, 1pm, in the Coffee Bar at Village.

Make a list of the questions which you would ask God if you knew He would give you an answer right away… and then see what we discover. Follow us on this website, or on Facebook (Village Bible Church), or Twitter (vlgchurch).  Or join us Tuesdays at 1pm at Village!