30 Days of Prayer in December!

30 Days of Prayer, 30 Minutes a DaySign up Today for 30 Days of Prayer at Village Bible Church during the month of December.  We will join our hearts and voices in prayer for the next 30 days – praying for the opportunity to reach many unchurched people with the message of Jesus Christ during our Sunday Sermon series in the book of Revelation, which begins January 1, 2014.

Here are some ideas for your 30 minutes of Prayer:

  • Read through the book of Psalms during the month of December—5 Psalms a day.
  • Read a Psalm then pray.  Read a Psalm, then pray.
  • Sing some of your favorite hymns or choruses while you pray
  • Make a list of all the unchurched people you know.  Pray for each by name every day.
  • Pray on your knees, or sitting down, or standing, or while you walk, or while you exercize.
  • Pray for each person at Village Bible Church.

Remember – Prayer has many parts:

A – Adore the Lord, Praise Him, Remember all of His wonderful names and works

C- Confess your unconfessed sins.  Take time to ask the Lord what you should honestly look at in your life

T – Thank Him for everything you can think of

S – Supplication…in other words….ask for what you or others need

SIGN UP BY E-MAILING Info@Villagebiblechurch.net , AND TELLING US WHAT 30-MINUTE TIME SLOT YOU WANT FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER! (You choose the best 30 minutes for you.)