Pastor Ken’s Revelation Series Begins the First Sunday in 2014

RevelationNow that we have finished going through the book of Acts verse-by-verse, through the month of December Pastor Ken will be preaching through the book of Philippians  – with a special Christmas message on December 22.  And then, the first Sunday in January will mark the start of our verse-by-verse Sunday Morning Sermons from the book of Revelation.   Join us Sunday mornings at 10am, at the Greenwood Community Center, for any or all of these messages.  E-mail us if you would like to be on a weekly e-mail list sending you the online link to listen to our Sunday Morning Sermons.  

Here is the preaching schedule:

philippians-mainSunday, December 1st:  Philippians Chapter 1

Sunday, December 8th:  Philippians Chapter 2

Sunday, December 15th:  Philippians Chapter 3

christmas message 2

Sunday, December 22nd:  Special Christmas Message


Sunday, December 29th:  Philippians Chapter 4


Sunday, January 5th:  Revelation Series Begins.

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