This is Exciting…It’s Time for Charter Membership!

charter membersAs we reach our One-Year mark, we are not only celebrating  the First Anniversary of Village Bible Church,we are also celebrating the announcement that our church will now be inviting believers to become “Charter Members” .

In David Platt’s book, “Follow Me”, he writes:  “The question is not simply ‘Is my name in a church membership list somewhere?’, or ‘Do I attend a church somewhere?.  The question is ‘Am I committed to a local church where I am sharing life with other followers of Christ in mutual accountability under Biblical leadership for the glory of God?’”  He goes on to say,  “According to the New Testament, if I am casually dating (or altogether ignoring) the local church, then I am living contrary to God’s design for my life as a Christian.  It is impossible to follow Christ apart from commitment to a local church.”

On Sunday evening, September 15th, we will be holding a special service to recognize all of those who wish to be Original Charter Members of Village Bible Church.

Between now and then we will offer four (4) opportunities for future Charter Members to attend a required 2-hour Membership Class.  The classes are identical and offered four (4) times in order to accommodate your schedules.

Dates for the 4 classes are:

July 21, Sunday Evening from 6-8,  Greenwood Community Center

August 4,  Sunday Evening from 6-8,  Greenwood Community Center

August 14,  Wed. Evening from 7-9,  Greenwood Community Center

August 18,  Sunday Evening from 6-8,  Greenwood Community Center

Please contact Pastor Ken (317-414-9470) or  ( with your choice of Classtime.  

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