Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study Starts Up Again on February 5th

Greenwood Public Library on Old MeridianThe Tuesday afternoon Bible study is so looking forward to beginning to meet for our Spring Session on February 5th.  We’ll be meeting at the Greenwood Library again, at 1pm, as usual.  We’ll be meeting in Meeting Room “B” this time around (the bigger room).   We’ll be continuing on in the book of Ephesians, taking off where we left off at Christmas break – Ephesians Chapter 5.

We started our break at the first of December, and in the last couple of months we’ve all enjoyed holidays and family gatherings.  Some in our group have  also had tragedies and tremendous losses, sicknesses and accidents.  It will be good to be back together again, supporting and loving each other, and also gaining strength and blessing from the time we spend in God’s Word. We are always open to new people coming, meeting  us and trying us out – we have plenty of room at the Library to grow.

See you at the library on Tuesday, February 5th, at 1:00pm!

(P.S  – Just as a general winter rule…if the Greenwood schools are closed because of weather, we will cancel, too.  We’ll try to get a phone call to everyone in case of weather cancellation, but just know that if you see on the news  Greenwood schools are closed because of weather, then don’t try to get to Bible study that day.)

Kathleen Dalton (kathleen3119@gmail.com )  – Here’s a few of our pictures, in case you want to see who is in the study: