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Prayer NotebookIf you’re like me, when you think of a “journal” you immediately think of lots of writing.  Here is something that I have done for years. It works for me.  If you’re looking for an idea, this might work for you.

I use a small spiral notebook.  Like many people, I use the acrostic, ACTS to outline my prayers.  I don’t write out volumes of thoughts. I just write down the word ” Adoration” and then under the word I jot down terms such as : all powerful, loving, forgiving, friend, comforter and patient to remind me and help me honor The Lord as I pray.  I believe Jesus teaches us to pray this way when He tells us, ” pray, Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed it be Thy Name…..”

A     Adoration

Then I write down the word ” Confession” and jot down terms representing the areas God convicts me of at that time and where I need to ask God for forgiveness.

C   Confession

I do the same thing as I write down the word, ” Thanksgiving” and then a write down the words ” Supplication and Specific” and make a list of specific prayer requests.

T     Thanksgiving

S     Supplication/Specific

Typically I fill up part of just one page in my journal. I love to go back weeks, months and years later to look at what I had listed under each word in the acrostic, ACTS.

Every day in January we have individuals from Village Bible Church who are praying during a 30 minute time slot.  I have signed up for 4 a.m. and 3 p.m.    I am still using my ACTS Prayer Journal during both time slots.

If you are looking for an idea to enhance your prayer life….you might want to try this simple way to have your own prayer journal.


2 thoughts on “Try a Prayer Journal in 2013 – Pastor Ken’s Blog

  1. Nancy Owen says:

    I, too, have used ACTS for several years after being taught it at a Women’s Retreat. I need help staying focused (at this age!). It keeps me “headed.” Also discovered at first I didn’t know what to say in specific areas. Now………….it just flows. Can’t keep it to one page–You know I am quite talkative. I also write this way!