Linda Adams Leaves for Cambodia November 1st

Linda Adams is traveling this coming week to Cambodia (with the Center for Global Impact)  .   She and her group will be working with CGI’s ministry to women who have been enslaved in human traficking.

If you want to help with this trip by donating small toys and items for her to take and hand out to Cambodian children, you can bring those items to Village Bible Church this Sunday, October 28th.

Here are some of the items she needs:  (small, lightweight, new or in good shape)

  • packages of 8 crayons,
  • pencils,
  • hand pencil sharpers,
  • small toys (like McDonald Happy Meal Toys),
  • small games,
  • UNO cards.

Also – here are a few more things needed, if you still want to do more:

  • School supplies are always needed.
  • Backpacks for the kids.
  • All elementary levels of kids story books. (They want to create libraries at ByTavi, Inzo-Tina, Chem Vorn, Daughters, and the CTC)
  • OTC meds for our medical cabinet.
  • Decorations for the Inzo-Tina house.
  • Fun stuff to encourage the staff, program participants, and kids.
  • Shirts for the byTavi women.

Please pray for this group as they travel, and pray for the country of Cambodia, and for the powerful spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ.