Final Thought on Habakkuk

So far we have listened to Habakkuk as he first questioned why the Lord wasn’t doing anything about the sin of his people.

And then we saw how God answered the prophet by telling him that He was doing something and that Habakkuk probably would be confused by what He was doing.  God told the prophet that He was going to use a heathen nation to discipline the nation of Israel. God was correct.  Habakkuk freaked out….questioned why God would do such a thing…and then toward the end of the Book of Habakkuk we hear the prophet communicate a renewed commitment and affirmation of his faith and confidence in the Lord.

The last time we looked at Habakkuk we focused on chapter 3 verses  17-19.   This is a wonderful Hymn of Triumphant Living by Faith.

I have one final thought before we leave Habakkuk.   The last verse says, ” The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet, And He will make me walk on my high hills…”   The prophet is comparing himself to a deer scaling a dangerous mountain side.  And in this verse Habakkuk reminds us that God will in fact not only keep him from slipping….but that God will make him walk on high hills.  Habakkuk has not only learned to trust in the Lord….but he has also learned that it is within God’s will to make him walk among hardships, potential attacks from the enemy and perplexing questions.  Habakkuk was learning that his greatest longing and desire was for God Himself !

That is my prayer for me and for you today.