Afraid to Witness?

On Sundays I am walking us through the Book of Galatians one verse at a time.

The Apostle Paul concludes chapter one by saying, “But they were hearing only, He who formerly persecuted us now preaches the faith, which he once tried to destroy. And they glorified God in me”.    I love that verse !  Paul is the master of debate and scholarly argument as he lays out solid doctrine in his writings.  But at the same time he also recognizes the strong evidence of  “a changed life”.   At the end of Galatians chapter 1, Paul is alluding to the strong argument represented in his own testimony.  When he repented of his sin and believed in Christ for his salvation, he became a different person.  He was changed and people could see it.  The miracle of regeneration took place in his life.

Perhaps you find your self afraid to witness and share your faith.  Is it because you are afraid that you don’t know enough?   Are weak in theological debating?    Limited in your understanding of the Bible?

Afraid that you will be proved to be wrong?

Here is my advice !   Begin to share your testimony.  Nothing is more powerful !  Just sincerely tell your story. If you are saved, you are a miracle. You have been changed.  You can be a ” witness” of salvation.  You are ” Exhibit A”.


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