Who in the World are the Chaldeans?

Habakkuk 1: 6-11

We saw in our first look at Habakkuk, that this man is a prophet who was very upset with the lack of Godly obedience around him, including those of his own country. He had been praying for God to do something about it.  And he questions why God isn’t doing anything.   In chapter 1 verse 5 God says, “Look at the nations and watch…and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told”.

God’s answer to Habakkuk creates even more confusion in the prophet’s understanding.    First of all….Who in the World are the Chaldeans?   The superpower in the world at this time is Assyria.  The Chaldean nation is just a small nation that is just starting to grow in prominence.   Secondly….the Chaldeans are bitter, hostile and cold-blooded. They have absolutely no interest in God.  Their god is their growing military strength.   And God tells Habakkuk that it is His plan to use them to answer Habakkuk’s prayer ???   Another name for the Chaldeans is the Babylonians.   These names are interchangeable in the Old Testament.

Now Habakkuk is really astounded . Why would God allow this to happen ?   Why does a holy, loving God permit such terrible things to take place ?

Is this not what bothers many people as they look at what is happening in the world?   One college campus survey showed that this is the number one question students have today.  “How can a loving God allow people to suffer? Why would God create us and then allow disease and pain and wars to enter our lives “?

Habakkuk could have responded as a ” fatalist”.  Or he could have decided that God really doesn’t exist at all.   But instead, what does he do?   First and foremost, Habakkuk reminds himself of God’s nature.   Hab. 1:12.    The first thing that he thinks about is that the God he knows is an everlasting God.   God is greater than any period of human events.  He created all of history.  He is from the beginning and He is at the end.   Habakkuk went back to what he knew about God and His character.

I don’t know what you are going through today, but my first advice would be…… be intentional today about thinking through what you know about God.   Meditate today on His nature. His character.  When you feel frightened or confused…. stop and spend time remembering that God is sovereign over all details…and He is crazy about you !