God…When are You going to Do Something?

The Book of Habakkuk is only three (3) chapters long. It was written by the prophet, Habakkuk way back around 600 B.C., but it is a strong, practical message for all of us today.

Habakkuk is upset with the condition of his world around him. He is particularly upset about his own nation. The people are living in sin.  Civil unrest, rioting, violence, injustice, deception and a lack of faith in God is all around him.   When issues of injustice are brought to the courts of the land, even the courts are corrupt.

Habakkuk is upset because he has taken these problems to God in prayer, over and over again, and God does not answer. Beginning in chapter 1 verse 5, God begins to answer Habakkuk’s questions.   Take time to read this verse.  In this verse, God says, “I have been answering your prayer. You accuse Me of silence but I have not been silent. You just do not know how to recognize My answer. I have been answering, but the answer is so different from what you expect that you will not even recognize it or believe it when I tell you”.

Read God’s answer in 1:6-11.  We’ll unpack the meaning of these verses in the next blog….but for now…let’s just camp on this truth:

“We may from time to time think that God is not doing anything….but nothing can be further from the truth.  God is very much at work to accomplish His purposes”.