Nineteen Grandchildren

You don’t have to hang out with me for very long before you learn that Kathleen and I have 19 Grandchildren.

All 19 are being raised by Christian parents who are telling them about Jesus Christ.   We are so thrilled!

As a kid I had Christian parents.    I went to church every week, attended camp, attended VBS and was baptized and yet I realize now I was driven and motivated by “moralistic deism”.   How’s that for a mouth-full?    This means that even though I believed in Jesus Christ, I was mostly motivated by the idea that I would be rewarded by my obedience to the Lord and my religious performance.

Today, I am so thankful to know that God does not give people cancer because they have not been attending church…..nor does God give people health and wealth because they have been having their devotions.  The “moralist” tries to keep from sinning in order to earn God’s love and favor.

I’m convinced that one of the greatest challenges facing the evangelical home, or the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School or Neighborhood Bible Club is to teach the difference between moralism and the gospel of Jesus Christ.    Wow…..what an exciting challenge !